Beta Guides

Welcome to Road Manager Beta version!

We have been working hard on giving users a better experience with Road Manager thanks to your feedback.  We have limited Road Manager to a file structure screen and a drawing screen enhancing the mobile and tablet user experience.  You can login directly to the drawing screen and start creating your plans across multiple tabs.  Some of the other updates include:

  • Drawing tools and the selection of objects on the map has been simplified
  • Printing will include everything you see on the map, including labels on Satellite maps
  • Additional import formats
  • The inclusion of layers with further enhancements to be included to layers over the coming weeks
  • The ability to file your plans from the drawing screen
  • and so many more….

To access the Beta version you can login as normal and you will find the link  in the settings, top left or through this link.  You may find minor bugs and some things missing in Beta.  If this is the case,  just switch back to the old version through the help button and do what you need and then return to Beta.  We are working to ensure all features are migrated before we fully switch off the old version. 

Beta Drawing Page Tour

File Structure Page Tour