At Road Manager we are always improving. The Road Manager Development Team has been hard at work adding new features, responding to your feedback and fixing bugs. And there is much more to come.

New features we have added this month:

  • Scale bar on print displays default setting of Metric or Imperial
  • Traffic controller icons now have reflective vests 
  • Text size and gaps on the green and orange screen has been reduced
  • Sign code text placed under signs, when activated, has been enlarged
  • You can now share folders
  • We have removed sign symbology from the Plan Set level but remains in the Plan level
  • You can double click on the multi-sign to edit
  • No Map selection is available on the map
  • Objects on the map can now be moved with the keyboard arrow
  • Text box element has been increased from 100 characters to 200 and character count is now displayed
  • New multi-selection tool has been created that allows you to select all objects in a box and delete, move or copy/paste
  • Selection of multiple objects on the map using Ctrl + select with left click on the mouse. These objects can be deleted, moved or copied and pasted.

We have fixed a few small bugs too:

  • On undo, if in the map view, it would revert back to Satellite view
  • Multi signs skewed when printed
  • Task Box information added at Plan Set level was not displaying in the Plan preview level
  • Red line was appearing through plans
  • Fix for sticky Ctrl key in Plan editor.

And we are already working on the next exciting additions to Road Manager:

  • Major printing enhancements, including allowing for multiple user-selected areas printing off the one plan
  • Snapshot tool to use in various ways while drawing your plans
  • Legend tool for all objects and sign packages that includes distances
  • Road snapping tool
  • Licence number and generic notes will be added in the Account Admin default settings so it automatically populates your plans
  • Change the ‘Drawn By’ name manually in the Task Box settings either in the Plan Set or by single Plan level.

If you need help using Road Manager, watch our training video or get in touch with us.